Pre-filtration – Filter technology

Water sources often present a certain degree of pollution

The water quality can vary depending on the raw water source, the piping and the season.

In order to operate with high reliability, effectiveness and efficiency, a contamination of the Reverse Osmosis Systems by particles, colloids and clouding must be prevented.

pre-filtration picture chlorite filtration

Water analysis, definition of the blocking index and the required water quantity are essential parameters for a reasonable configuration of an energy-efficient filtration technology. Besides continuous checking of these parameters, the maintenance of the filter system is required to ensure a proper function.

DWA offers solutions in all areas of the mechanical filtration functions which can be found in water treatment:

Pre-filtration of water treatment is of utmost importance for operation reliability and economic efficiency – we are glad to help and advice you.
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Flyer Iron Filter EN

  • Back-flushing filter with manual handling or automatic control
  • Cartridge filter for microfilter cartridges
  • Sand filter system with back-flushing automatic
  • Ferric and manganese filter