High permeate flow and operational safety

modula S-XL - The redundant Reverse Osmosis System

The redundant configuration of the modula S-XL ensures high permeate capacity and highest operational safety and reliability.

The modula S-XL can be configured optionally in two modes:

Fully redundant – one membrane package ensures the complete supply of dialysis

ECOMODE – both membrane packages are communicating and adjust the permeate capacity to the respective requirement

Those intelligent settings of the water-cooled submersible pumps provides a maximum economy at minimized noise.

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  • Permeat capacity at 10 °C water temperature
    • Fully redundant: 700 – 1,650 l/h
    • ECOMODE: 1,400 – 3,300 l/h
  • Water saving technology by combined conductivity and temperature control
  • Retention of inorganic substances: max. 99%
  • Recovery rate: up to 85%
  • Conformity declared with directive 93/42/EEC

  • Automatic flushing mode in redundant operation of the standby-membranes
  • Programmable pre-flushing mode permeate to drain
  • Complete internal surface of passivated stainless steel piping with clamp connectors
  • Energy-saving polyamide membranes for maximum permeate yield at low pressure
  • Emergency operation at breakdown of the control board

  • Dimensions: 1,270 x 1,620 x 690 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight (max.): 500 kg