The optimal solution for permeate ring-mains


The use of PE-Xa (peroxidic cross-linked polyethylene) has proven itself over many years in the field of chemical-pharmaceutical industry. In the field of dialysis PE-Xa is also used by DWA since more than 15 years and has almost replaced PVC and stainless steel.

The excellent long-term process of the material as well as the safe and almost dead-zone free processing and laying are still unsurpassed and make PE-Xa a material of choice.

Seamless laying without fittings ensures a quick, safe and economical laying.

Resistance compared with chemical and the thermal capacity enables a timely heat disinfection of the ring main and allows for highest possible microbiological safety.

To this day the PE-Xa  ring main installed by DWA operate without interference in more than 1,000 dialysis centers.

With regular heat disinfection in combination with our product HDS or nephRO SAFE this pipe system has demonstrated its quality regarding reliability, safety and microbiology.

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