Double-stage reverse osmosis

By the double-stage setup the modula TP provides highest permeate quality even at a low feed water quality. As with the modula system the modula TP is designed to comply with different international
dialysis requirements and regulations. Through two independent stages the modula TP provides for total operation safety. With one stage out of service the other can take over the complete duty to provide continuation of treatment.

For heat disinfection of ring mains, media supply systems and dialysis machines modula TP can be easily connected to our Heat Disinfection and Ultrafiltration Systems. The user-friendly operating menu not only simplifies the setting and control of the modula TP also offers the possibility of easy connectivity and software updates.

  • Increased chemical and microbiological permeate quality through double-stage operation
  • Water Saving Technology through permeate recirculation
  • 5,7” multicolour touch screen
  • Compact design
  • Semi-automatic disinfection programmes
  • Energy-saving polyamide membranes
  • Permeate pressure sustaining valve for system pressure settingsv
  • Internal surface of passivated stainless steel piping with clamp connectors
  • Continuous monitoring of conductivity, pressure, temperature and permeate flow
  • Programmable shut on / off
  • Integrated self-test at power up
  • Emergency mode in case of electronic failures
  • Microprocessor controlled and monitored
  • Ethernet Connector
  • USB Firmware update
  • Secure menu for service technicians
  • Automatic restart after power interruption of max. 5 minutes
  • Security parameters (permeate over pressure, permeate conductivity, permeate over temperature, dry run protection, voltage stabilization, pump protection, operation history)
  • Manual bypass for pump or membrane failure
  • Stainless steel tubing and frame
  • Dead leg free for maximum hygiene
  • Secure inlet valve control
  • 3-way valve for permeate to ring or drain


  • Remote control on / off
  • Ultrafiltration and Heat Disinfection Systems nephro SAFE / HDS
  • Ultrafiltration Manual bypass membrane upgrade kit


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