Location with various opportunities

Since the company was founded in 1984, DWA has been located in Ubstadt-Weiher near Heidelberg. It lays in the immediate proximity of two major technology centers, Technologie Region Karlsruhe and Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar. In the head office of DWA more than 60 employees are busy with the development and manufacturing of water treatment systems for dialysis centers.

We see ourselves as a reliable and future-oriented partner who supports dialysis centres all over the world with innovative products. In doing so, we rely on the support and constant dialogue with doctors, technicians, nursing staff and patients, whose valuable expertise contributes to our development. Every project we undertake has 1 goal in mind: to improve the life of a dialysis patient.

DWA technology “Made in Germany” is demanded world-wide

Together with our worldwide partners and trained service teams, DWA has an international network of specialists that ensures the reliability and security of our supply in dialysis. With a convincing and innovative product portfolio, DWA has been able to successfully expand its presence on the global market.


The concept of “short ways” ensures that all areas of the company, such as development, production, project planning, but also the training centre and customer services, work together closely and efficiently. 

Global playing
Global thinking

We see our main goal in realizing the differences and expectations of the world markets as well as reacting to them flexibly.

We take up the challenge to perceive well all differences and requirements of the market and to react upon them in a flexibel way.