The twin-pass Reverse Osmosis System

The twin-pass configuration of modula S-TP  guarantees highest chemical permeate quality and a significant improvement of microbiology. 

If required, both membrane stages can be switched on and off independently of each other. This full redundancy allows maintenance during operation and highest operational safety. 

By combination of submersed and frequency controlled pump, the intelligent system control and operation of energy-saving polyamide membranes DWA ensures a maximum permeate capacity with highest economy and operational safety. 

  • Permeate capacity at 10 °C water temperature: 350 – 2,300 l/h 
  • Water saving technology by intelligent consumption control 
  • Redundancy of 100% by twin-pass operation 
  • Retention of inorganic substances: max. 99% 
  • Recovery rate: up to 85% 
  • Conformity declared with directive 93/42/EEC 
  • Noise-optimized operation by combined submersed, frequency controlled pump 
  • Capability to select individual RO membrane stages if required 
  • Maintenance and repair during dialysis operation through two independent stages 
  • Automatic flushing mode in redundant operation for the standby-membranes 
  • Emergency operation at breakdown of the control board 
  • Monitoring of water consumption per hour 
  • Dimensions: 1,350 x 1,725 x 690 mm (W x H x D) 
  • Weight (max.): 500 kg 


The highest quality water treatment solutions ‘Made in Germany’ for dialysis centers worldwide

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