Heat disinfection of distribution ring and dialysis machine

Central heat disinfection system with ultrafiltration and storage tank for heat disinfection of the permeate ring and connection hose through into the dialysis machine.

By continuous heat disinfection of the distribution ring (> 80 °C) and at an exposure time of >30 minutes vegetative cells of microorganisms are destroyed safely and prevents biofilm formation.

Permanent ultrafiltration during dialysis ensures highest permeate quality. The currently required microbiological permeate quality will be surpassed by this technology. Even future demands for ultrapure permeate will be met with this system – which confirm the long-standing experience of many satisfied users.

  • 480 litre isolated hot water tank
  • Integrated pressure pump
  • Individual timing avoids electrical peak loads
  • Volume control – filling level can be individually adjusted between 200 litre and 480 litre
  • Loop line to the dialysis unit
  • Temperature control – selectable and controllable temperature of the tank volume
  • Conformity declared with directive 93/42/EEC
  • Patented procedure of Ultrafiltration of permeate
  • High lifetime of the ultra filter by cross-flow operation
  • 3-step permeate pressure valve for fully automated filling of the tank at permeate oversupply
  • Master role in connection with the Reverse Osmosis System
  • Dimensions: 790 x 1.950 x 1.450 mm (B x H x T)
  • Weight (max.): 850 kg


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