The slidable media supply panel

The nephRO SLIDE  makes working in dialysis centers easier. Due to its flexible positioning it ensures an optimal handling.

With no cables and pipes on the floor, trip hazards are eliminated resulting in a cleaner more hygienic environment.

Unique DWA quick-release couplings enable the dialysis machines to be easily connected / disconnected.

The hygienic design includes components and surfaces with anti-microbial finish to prevent infections.

  • Can be positioned on each side of the bed avoiding tubes and cables trailing over patients
  • Excessively long tubes and cables from the dialysis machine are reduced
  • Permeate connection is attached directly to the dialysis machine eliminating the need for the connection hose (which would otherwise be a dead leg)
  • Components and surfaces use an anti-microbial finish to aid infection control
  • Central connection point for all services (drain, permeate, concentrate and electrical power)
  • Available in a range of colours to match with our renal unit layouts.
  • Can be installed in most renal units providing a professional and unique design


The highest quality water treatment solutions ‘Made in Germany’ for dialysis centers worldwide

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