The central Reverse Osmosis System for all your needs

The nephRO TP  is available in six different versions covering the needs of all dialysis centers and is available as redundant, twin-pass and single stage Reverse Osmosis System.

The nephRO TP  combines all features of previous DWA Reverse Osmosis Systems in one system. It is therefore suitable even for big dialysis centers due to its outstanding permeate capacity up to 6,400 l/h.

With its new software and coloured touchscreen the nephRO TP  reveals new possibilities for data visualization and networking.

  • Permeate capacity at 10°C water temperature:

nephRO TP:      1.200 l/h – 4.700 l/h
nephRO TPR:    2.800 l/h – 6.400 l/h (Eco-Mode)
                           1.400 l/h – 4.700 l/h (Fully redundant)
nephRO TPS:    1.400 l/h – 4.700 l/h

  • Water saving technology through permanent temperature-measurement and conductivity
  • Retention of organic and inorganic substances: >99%
  • Recovery rate: up to 85%
  • the device is only available in certain markets – please contact us
  • Available in six different versions
  • Optionally available with integrated heating elements for heat-disinfection of the Reverse Osmosis System
  • The software is able to illustrate flow diagrams and performance data on the coloured touchscreen
  • Various interfaces for networking (e.g. sending alarms to cell phone or smartphone, password-protected access via internet browser)
  • Emergency operation in case of a breakdown of the control board
  • Dimensions: 2,600 x 1,950 x 790 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight (max.): 1,400kg (nephRO TP and nephRO TPR)
                               1,100 kg (nephRO TPS)


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