To minimize expenses and to maintain water quality

The rising costs and fluctuating quality of fresh water supplies require a concept which is adjusted to the requirements for softening clean drinking or industrial water based on the principles of ion exchange operation at neutral exchange level.

The DWA duplex softener systems with quality control always ensure optimal use of the softener resin – even if the water hardness fluctuates. Each softener column is continuously monitored by a sensor which determines the exhaustion of the resin and controls the switch over to the other column. This innovative hardness sensor control not only ensures optimum utilization of the softener resin but also significantly minimizes the water and salt consumption.

A programmable control unit monitors the hardness sensors, adjusts the fully automatic regeneration and flush programs and avoids a hardness breakthrough. The hardness sensors are nearly maintenance free and require no reagent or indicator solutions.

  • Sensor double control
  • Tubing with isolation valves / motor-driven valves with PVC
  • Pendular system
  • Type of control: hardness dependent programmable electrical control with fully automatic back flush program
  • 2 glass-fibre reinforced polyester filter vessels with an internal water distribution system
  • Salt dissolving and storage tank
  • Sole valve and suction pipe
  • Filter filling: ion exchanger resin in food-grade quality
  • 18 mol
  • 36 mol
  • 53 mol


The highest quality water treatment solutions ‘Made in Germany’ for dialysis centers worldwide

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